Promote the Business Resources of your community!

Business Resources

Economic Gateway offers three modules to promote the business resources of your community; the Busines DIrectory promotes existing businesses in your area, the Inentives Directory provides information about incentive programs avaialble to new and existing businesses, the Resource Directory allows you to provide and promote various materials of interest and use to your site visitors.

Economic Development Business Directory

Business Support Directory

Highlight Logistics and Transportation industry clusters and feature community business support organizations (i.e. banks, chambers, foundations, entrepreneurial centers, universities and key civic organizations). The website administrator can create categories and sub categories and add listings to as many as desired without additional maintenance required to edit each instance.

Organize related business listings in a directory; create categories and sub categories and add listings to them. Listings details include: Business Name, contact information, website URL (link), up to five photos with captions, and a short description. Attach up to three PDFs, upload a video (FLV), an audio file (MP3) and include three additional links using meaningful text to mask the URLs.

  • Uniform presentation of all available data for each business
  • Search by keyword or category
  • Feature businesses (better placement in searches)
  • Includes company name, logo, address, two phone numbers, fax, primary contact person, primary contact email, website, directions (connects to Google), audio and video uploads, three PDF uploads, three 'quick links'
  • Customize Categories and Sub-Categories


Incentives Directory

Organize available business incentive programs in an easy-to-search directory. Site selectors have quick access to the benefits of bringing new businesses to your region.

  • Uniform presentation of all available data for each incentive program
  • Search by category or location
  • Customize categories and locations
  • Attach a logo, up to 3 additional files (.pdf, .doc, .xls), and unique contact information for up to 2 people to each incentive program


Resource Directory

Resource Library

Save time by organizing commonly requested documents and information online. Easily categorize folders and store agendas, bids, forms, maps, press images, meeting minutes, area reports, and much more.

  • Uniform presentation of all resources
  • Search by category
  • Supports .doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .flv (video), .mp3 (audio), and links
  • Customize Categories and Sub-Categories