2017 Annual Report

Year 3 of Fremont 2020, our five-year strategic plan, showed how a dedication to our vision and partnerships can create consistent achievements! We have sustained a very stable business attraction activity level, through partnerships and local lead generation. We have remained steadfast in our targeted industry focus (animal food manufacturing and wood, metal, and plastics manufacturing). We have continued to see growth in our economic corridor, while seeing renewed activity in quality of life and housing with projects like: Gallery 23 East, Duke Estates, ongoing Deer Pointe efforts, and several other proposed projects. We realize that our business attraction efforts go hand in hand with quality of life needs and workforce preparedness programs. We saw our efforts from 2017 culminate in a Nebraska Diplomats Regional Community of the Year Award for the City of Fremont. As we continued to reach our visioning goals, our achievements this past year showed us what great partnerships and community support can provide.

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