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Fremont, NE Demographics


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Dodge County Demographics

Labor Availability Report from NDOL

Major Employers of Fremont Area

2017 Housing Study Snapshot

2017 Housing Study Full Report

Fremont, Nebraska, is poised for a bright economic future. Strategically located at the crossroads of major highway links to reach the downtown Omaha and Lincoln metropolitan areas in less than an hour, the community offers immediate access to big city amenities while retaining an independent rural community flavor.

Major Employer Industries

Value-added Agriculture Products

Food Processing

Fabricated Metal


Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Fremont continues to enjoy economic growth with publicly owned land, zoned for business and light industry at Fremont Business Park & Morningside North Business Park.

The community's vibrant manufacturing economy, low tax rates, low cost utilities, outstanding educational opportunities and rural Nebraska work ethic make it a great place to locate your business. Fremont offers:

  • Community College and University education institutions
  • Central location offering an integrated system of 4 lane highways connected to interstate system, mainline railroads, and airport
  • A 100% public power system providing customers with electrical power at some of the lowest rates in the nation

Population by Age

Population 2010 2017 2022
0-4 1,914 1,727 1,732
5-9 1,786 1,648 1,688
10-14 1,630 1,606 1,678
15-19 1,765 1,637 1,700
20-24 1,865 1,780 1,619
25-29 1,725 1,824 1,699
30-34 1,647 1,706 1,801
35-39 1,491 1,571 1,656
40-44 1,478 1,413 1,511
45-49 1,876 1,485 1,386
50-54 1,720 1,677 1,449
55-59 1,591 1,697 1,582
60-64 1,357 1,552 1,638
65-69 1,067 1,421 1,480
70-74 944 1,137 1,295
75-79 865 944 1,036
80-84 790 771 780
85+ 890 1,070 1,087
18+ 20,009 20,752 20,731
Median Age 38 40 40
Source: ESRI, 2018-06-22

Population by Race

Fremont city 2017
Total 26,668
White Alone 87.120
Black Alone 1.170
American Indian Alone 0.870
Asian Alone 0.800
Pacific Islander Alone 0.260
Some Other Race 7.690
Two or More Races 2.090
Hispanic Origin 12.950
Diversity Index 41.200
Source: ESRI, 2018-06-22


Fremont city 2017 2022
Median Household $48,133 $54,714
Average Household $61,504 $70,950
Per Capita $25,692 $29,631
Source: ESRI, 2018-06-22

Household Income Base

Fremont city 2017
<$15,000 1,419
$15,000 - $24,999 1,405
$25,000 - $34,999 1,326
$35,000 - $49,999 1,387
$50,000 - $74,999 2,396
$75,000 - $99,999 1,134
$100,000 - $149,999 1,139
$150,000 - $199,999 357
$200,000+ 245
Source: ESRI, 2018-06-22

Fremont, NE Quality Life

In addition to a strong employer base, recreational opportunities and community amenities make Fremont an excellent location for commuters to enjoy the quality of life special to rural Nebraska. Activity abounds as the community is home to the Fremont State Lakes, Fremont Splash Station, and John C. Fremont Days. Fremont has a beautiful downtown with quaint shops such as Country Traditions, Yankee Peddler Antiques, Milady coffee house and many more.  Fremont residents looking to enjoy a close-to-home outing can take advantage of 15 neighborhood parks and a trail system.

The community also is known for a strong faith culture. More than 40 different churches representing over 20 denominations serve the spiritual needs of the community.

YOUTH Programs

YMCA with largest footprint in world with addition of NEW Aquatic Center!
City Youth Programs
Fremont Splash Station
Splash Pads
Ronin Pool

It’s hard to describe the quality of life in Fremont. It’s simply above your expectations. We are a refreshing alternative to both the hectic urban life, and the lack of entertainment and opportunities in a more rural area. Simply put, it’s the best of all worlds.

The citizens of our community have strong moral values and incredible work ethics. A case in point is the numerous vibrant and ambitious volunteer and community service organizations. We are a community built on the strength of our volunteers. Many people donate hundreds of hours to accomplish miraculous things. And it shows.

Our healthy and diverse business community consists of dynamic retail, old-fashioned good service, and above-board ethics. Our cultural opportunities compare to cities much larger. Words cannot adequately convey the reality of what you will experience in Fremont.

The community also is known for a strong faith culture. More than 40 different churches representing over 20 denominations serve the spiritual needs of the community. One of Nebraska's premier private colleges, Midland University, is located in the heart of the community, and a priority on education is in the hearts of the citizens of Fremont. A recent election approved nearly $30 million of improvements to the public school system, and Metropolitan Community College has expanded its Fremont Campus to a new site and started the nation's first green data center management degree in partnership with IBM.

To download the Fremont Regional Map to see assets throughout the region click here.

Cultural & Recreational Amenities
Fremont features a wide range of entertainment and recreational opportunities. Public tennis courts, swimming pools, parks, and golf courses are available. Fremont also boasts a top-notch private Country Club and golf course. Fremont State Recreation Area is only one mile away with swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, tent & RV camping, fishing, motor boats, and canoeing. We also have seven indoor theatres. Our local YMCA is one of the premier facilities in the nation, with a state-of-the-art ice rink.

Public Education
The mission of Fremont Public Schools is to produce creative, adaptable, productive citizens committed to life-long learning. Further, it is the goal of the Fremont Public Schools to provide an educational program that will produce productive citizens prepared to successfully compete in the twenty-first century global society.

Fremont Public Schools
Fremont’s Public School became the first district in the state of Nebraska to receive the Accreditation Quality Achievement Award. This AdvancED accreditation expresses the school-community commitment to youngsters and their education. Fremont is proactive in preparing our youth for careers in local businesses. The School-to-Career program has been active since 1998, and provides a work-based learning opportunity by allowing area students to intern with a business during their junior and senior high school years. Dream It! Do It! is an organization with a focus on engaging area High School Juniors and Seniors in manufacturing internships. The Nebraska Internship Program provides grants for college internships at local businesses (

Private Education - Fremont residents have choices for education opportunities!

Trinity Lutheran School  and  Archbishop Bergan Catholic School

Home Value

Fremont city 2017 2022
Median Home Value $139,085 $149,196
Average Home Value $157,465 $170,675
<$50,000 351 241
$50,000 - $99,999 1,451 984
$100,000 - $149,999 1,814 2,051
$150,000 - $199,999 1,510 1,655
$200,000 - $249,999 487 580
$250,000 - $299,999 279 318
$300,000 - $399,999 431 507
$400,000 - $499,999 56 77
$500,000 - $749,999 44 54
$750,000 - $999,999 15 17
$1,000,000 + 2 2
Source: ESRI, 2018-06-22


Category Commuters
Workers 16+ 12,823
In-County Residents 9,482
Out-of-County Residents 3,311
Drive Alone 10,763
Carpooled 1,164
Public Transport 15
Work at Home 287
Less than 5 minutes 731
5-9 minutes 4,063
10-14 minutes 2,826
15-19 minutes 1,292
20-24 minutes 782
25-29 minutes 515
30-34 minutes 702
35-39 minutes 283
40-44 minutes 370
45-59 minutes 610
60-89 minutes 272
90+ minutes 90
Average Travel Time 16
Source: ESRI, 2018-06-22

Fremont, NE Workforce Occupations

Fremont is a community that has been dedicated to developing a diversified, educated, skilled workforce for the growth and enhancement of both private and public sectors. The majority of Dodge County residents work for private companies. These companies enjoy low employee turnover resulting in a stable economy for area businesses and employees.

Fremont offers:

  • A stable workforce with excellent work ethics.
  • Local educational opportunities for personalized business/vocational training.
  • Successful placement agencies to quickly locate the employees you need
  • A diversified employment base with economic stability.

Labor Quality and Availability
Stemming from the region’s agricultural roots, a strong “work ethic” is still deeply ingrained in the local population.

Employees By NAICS

Category Number
Total Employees 11,983
Agr/Forestry/Fish/Hunt 16
Mining 0
Utilities 2
Construction 428
Manufacturing 296
Wholesale Trade 220
Retail Trade 2,647
Motor Veh/Parts Dealers 366
Furn & Home Furnish Str 58
Electronics & Appl Store 100
Bldg Matl/Garden Equip 354
Food & Beverage Stores 507
Health/Pers Care Stores 234
Gasoline Stations 13
Clothing/Accessory Store 90
Sports/Hobby/Book/Music 176
General Merchandise Str 424
Misc Store Retailers 286
Nonstore Retailers 39
Transportation/Warehouse 283
Information 469
Finance & Insurance 567
Cntrl Bank/Crdt Intrmdtn 364
Sec/Cmdty Cntrct/Oth Inv 41
Insur/Funds/Trusts/Other 162
Real Estate/Rent/Leasing 226
Prof/Scientific/Tech Srv 433
Legal Services 62
Mgmt of Comp/Enterprises 35
Admin/Support/Waste Mgmt 149
Educational Services 834
HealthCare/Social Assist 2,503
Arts/Entertainment/Rec 251
Accommodation/Food Srvcs 1,009
Accommodation 80
Food Srv/Drinking Places 929
Other Srv excl Pub Admin 884
Auto Repair/Maintenance 106
Public Administration Emp 711
Source: ESRI, 2018-06-22

Fremont, NE Workforce Establishments

Business Establishments by Industry  
Construction: 3.0 %
Manufacturing: 22.0 %
Transportation and Public Utilities: 3.8 %
Wholesale Trade: 7.3 %
Retail Trade: 21.8 %
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate: 2.9 %
Government: 16.6 %
Mining:  0.6 %
Service: 21.0 %


Data for all businesses in area 10 miles
Total Businesses: 1,492
Total Employees: 18,462
Total Residential Population: 35,123
Employee/Residential Population Ratio: 0.53

Businesses By NAICS

Category Number
Total Businesses 1,072
Agr/Forestry/Fish/Hunt Bus 4
Mining Bus 0
Utilities Bus 2
Construction Bus 78
Manufacturing Bus 24
Wholesale Trade Bus 29
Retail Trade Bus 169
Motor Veh/Parts Dealers Bus 25
Furn & Home Furnish Str Bus 4
Electronics & Appl Store Bus 9
Bldg Matl/Garden Equip Bus 17
Food & Beverage Stores Bus 16
Health/Pers Care Stores Bus 22
Gasoline Stations Bus 2
Clothing/Accessory Store Bus 18
Sports/Hobby/Book/Music Bus 13
General Merchandise Str Bus 7
Misc Store Retailers Bus 32
Nonstore Retailers Bus 4
Transportation/Warehouse Bus 19
Information Bus 26
Finance & Insurance Bus 75
Cntrl Bank/Crdt Intrmdtn Bus 27
Sec/Cmdty Cntrct/Oth Inv Bus 12
Insur/Funds/Trusts/Other Bus 36
Real Estate/Rent/Leasing Bus 60
Prof/Scientific/Tech Srv Bus 56
Legal Services Bus 17
Mgmt of Comp/Enterprises Bus 1
Admin/Support/Waste Mgmt Bus 33
Educational Services Bus 24
HealthCare/Social Assist Bus 157
Arts/Entertainment/Rec Bus 15
Accommodation/Food Srvcs Bus 65
Accommodation Bus 7
Food Srv/Drinking Places Bus 58
Other Srv excl Pub Admin Bus 149
Auto Repair/Maintenance Bus 33
Public Administration Bus 60
Source: ESRI, 2018-06-22

Fremont, NE Leading Employers

Major Employers List

Fremont, NE Business Growth

Fremont, NE Govt Taxation

City Government

Fremont is a first-class city and has a mayor-administrator-council form of government. The mayor is elected every four years. He does not vote on issues unless there is a tie among council members. The administrator is responsible for all city activities, including supervising department heads.  The administrator is appointed by the council for a four-year term. He does not vote on city issues.

The Fremont City Council is the decision-making body of the city. All local laws, policies and expenditures are approved by the eight-member council. The council also approves the bi-annual budgets, levies taxes and acts as the city board of equalization. 

The council meets the second and last Tuesday of each month. Study sessions are held at 6:45 p.m., followed by the meeting at 7:00 p.m. Both meetings are open to the public and are held in council chambers on the second floor of the Municipal Building, 400 E. Military Ave., Fremont, NE.

Fremont, NE Workers Comp Unemployment

Fremont, NE Labor Mgmt Relations

There is a history of excellent labor-management relations throughout the community. 

Fremont, NE Available Real Estate

Fremont offers a variety of options, from individual buildings and sites to business parks.  Fremont is an ideal central location  just 35 minutes from Omaha. There is a highly skilled workforce due to both Metropolitan Community College and Midland University being located in Fremont.

Christensen Business Park - located on the west side of Fremont -  is an industrial site ready for construction, with all infrastructure in place.  Morningside North Business Park is a municipally owned 45.56 acre site located near U.S Highway 275.   It has all utilities available on site. There are 6 available lots ranging from a 3.9 acre site to 7.5 acres. It is currently zoned limited industrial. 

The Fremont Business Park is a municipally-owned 80-acre shovel-ready site. These sites offer redundant fiber options from multiple carriers. Reliable, redundant power is available for as low as 4.5 cents per kWh, and 10MW power is available with room to grow. The Business Park offers an ideal central location, just 35 minutes from the Omaha Eppley Airfield. The climate is ideal for outside air cooling.

Fremont Regional Map

Fremont U.S. Transportation Map

Fremont, NE Higher Education

Midland University logo

Midland University is an undergraduate, liberal arts college that offers over 50 majors and pre-professional programs. Midland offers a variety of majors in the humanities, the physical and life sciences and the social and behavioral sciences as well as programs of study which prepare students for a specific vocation and/or graduate study. Midland University emphasizes quality, personal attention.  With a 12:1 student to faculty ratio and over 52 student organizations, Midland provides opportunities for a close knit community of faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

With campuses in Fremont, Omaha, and Blair, Metropolitan Community College has many workforce enhancement program offerings, including:

  • Green Data Center Management Degree*
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Computer Technology Training
  • Homeland Security
  • Industrial Safety
  • Industrial Technology, including CAD
  • Professional Skills Development
  • Quality Systems and Productivity
  • Transportation Training

*Metropolitan Community College in Fremont, in collaboration with IBM, is the nation’s first to offer a Green Data Center Management Degree through the IBM Academic Initiative. The courses give students the technical and business skills to prepare them for careers in the design and management of energy efficient data centers.

Metropolitan Community College
P.O. Box 3777
Omaha, NE 68103-0777

Applied Information Management (AIM) Institute

One of the value-added benefits of locating in our region for Information Technology companies is the presence of the Applied Information Management (AIM) Institute. As a not-for-profit membership organization, AIM fulfills its mission by collaborating with business leaders, educators and government to help citizens in Omaha and the surrounding region to develop the skills needed in an information economy
and to prosper through the innovative application of IT.

AIM serves the region by:

* Providing IT Leadership – To help position the community for future business and economic development opportunities in an information economy, AIM provides IT leadership through the Leadership Academy for IT managers, research, conferences, forums and multiple users groups.

* Recruiting Talent – AIM fosters talent recruitment by helping employers, job seekers, entrepreneurs and communities connect with each other. AIM works with the region's employers and communities to attract talent through its robust, online job-posting service,; informs former and non-Nebraskans of the state's amenities, opportunities and resources.

*  Building a Strong Workforce – AIM facilitates educational programs in our schools, at the workplace and throughout the community to improve the quality of IT education in our region, empower individuals, and to ultimately help build a stronger skilled workforce.

*  Empowering Organizations through IT – AIM partners with nonprofit and educational organizations to help them fund, manage and evaluate their programs. We also assist organizations in capacity-building training and funding.

* AIM also sponsors Infotec, the Midwest’s premier business technology conference. Infotec has quickly become a worldclass event in the IT industry. The conference provides attendees with applicable skills that IT organizations can implement as part of their business technology strategy, today and in the future. Infotec also serves as a valuable opportunity to network with industry experts and high-profile exhibitors so businesses can discover innovative ways to cut costs and
increase revenue.

Educational Attainment (25+)

Educational Level Attained Number
Some High School 1,314
Graduated High School 5,304
Associates Degree 1,513
Bachelor's Degree 2,671
Graduate Degree 1,104
Source: ESRI, 2018-06-22

Fremont, NE Transportation


Transportation is exceptional due to Nebraska’s central location combined with Fremont’s transportation advantages of strong rail and truck services, and proximity to three major US highways 77, 30 and 275. Highway 275 is a 35 mile connection to Omaha. Interstate 80 is 40 miles southeast and Interstate 35 is 40 miles east.

Download Fremont's Transportation Map Here

To download the Nebraska Transportation brochure click here »

Air Transportation

Fremont Municipal Airport
The airport is owned by the City of Fremont with a 5500' main runway capable of accommodating corporate jets. There are approximately 50 aircraft based here as well as a local chapter of the Civil Air Patrol. Fremont Aviation is contracted as a fixed based operator.

Fremont Municipal Airport 5 minutes/1mile
Longest Runway: 5500 ft.
Elevation: 1203 ft.
Runway Lighting: Yes
Operator: Fremont Aviation


Services include hanger rental, fuel depot, aircraft maintenance, aircraft rentals,
flight training and aircraft restoration. Overnight indoor parking is also available on
a first-come, first-serve basis.
• Fuel - Phillips 66 100LL and Jet A

For more information on the airport and available resources and services click here »

The Fremont Municipal Airport was named the 2010 General Aviation Airport of the Year in Nebraska, to read more click here »

Eppley International Airport

Eppley International Airport-Omaha 40 minutes/38 miles
Large Aircraft Operators Serving Area: America West Airlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Mesa Airlines, Midwest Express, Northwest, southwest, & United Airlines


Rail Transportation

Burlington Northern Santa Fe & Union Pacific 84 Freight Trains Per Day

To view a map of railroad route in the state of Nebraska click here »


Barge Transportation

Omaha Municipal Dock 35 miles
Missouri River 9 feet depth/300 feet channel width


Highway Transportation
Located in Fremont are three major US Highways 77, 30 and 275. Highway 77 is a 50 mile connection to Lincoln, while Highway 30 is the historic Lincoln Highway. Highway 275 is a 35 mile connection to Omaha. Two interstates are also located nearby. I-80 is 40 miles southeast and I-35 is 40 miles east.

Shipping and Distribution
Package Services:

UPS, FedEX, PakMail, Emery Worldwide, Small Package Express, DHL

Truck Lines:

Fremont Contract Carriers 865 Bud Blvd.
Fremont, NE 68025
Main: 402-721-3020
Toll-free: 800-228-9842
Crete Carrier Corporation 400 NW 56th Street
Lincoln, NE 68528
Werner Enterprises 14507 Frontier Road
Omaha NE 68138
Ph: (800) 228-2240 or (402) 895-6640

map of trucking distances

Fremont, NE Utilities

Gas, Water, Sewer, and Electricity services are all provided by the City of Fremont. 

For rates contact the Fremont Department of Utilities.

Brian Newton, Utilities General Manager

Ph. 402-727-2630

Click here for more information about the City of Fremont utilities.

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