REAP Direct Loan Program

January 01, 2015

Category: Business Resources, Programs

The REAP Direct Loan product offers loans up to $50,000. Borrowers fill out an initial loan application, either online or manually, which serves as the pre-application for the REAP Direct Loan. (This is the same form as is used for the REAP Rapid Loan application.)

If the pre-application is approved, for loans above $20,000, the borrower will complete a REAP Business Plan for the final loan review. Please see the REAP Loan Program Outline (MS word file) for further information.

Direct loans are available for working capital, inventory, supplies, furniture, fixtures, and machinery and/or equipment. Proceeds can be used for a startup or an expansion business. In some cases, the proceeds of this loan can be used for the purchase of real estate. All REAP loans require collateral. Please see the REAP Borrower Loan Policies for a complete breakdown of eligible and ineligible loan purposes and uses.

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