Dodge County, NE: THE VERY BEST for Dairies.

livestock friendly logoThe very best resources. Dodge County, NE can provide affordable, nutritious feed, as well as access to abundant water and some of the lowest electric rates in the country.

The very best market. There are 6 food processing companies within a 100-mile radius of Dodge County, Nebraska, plus a seventh within a three hour drive that need YOUR quality product to make their quality milk, ice cream, butter, and cheese.

The very best life. Dodge County is home of Fremont, NE (pop. 26,500), just 20 minutes from the great city of Omaha.  Raise your family with strong Midwest values in a community anxious to welcome you with quiet safe neighborhoods and lakeside developments, while enjoying the benefits of a close proximity to big city amenities.

Our state designation as a Livestock Friendly County tells the world and our existing companies that Dodge County knows that the livestock industry is a vital part our future. We are prepared to pursue new opportunities and want to show YOU that we are the very best place for you to take your dairy to the next level.

Contact us and let us crunch the numbers for you.

Dodge County Dairy Inquiries

Greater Fremont Development Council
1005 E. 23rd Street, STE 2
Fremont, NE 68025


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