Gov. Dave Heineman Announces Business Expansions Resulting from Reverse Trade Mission

9 Sep 2011

State News

Today, Gov. Dave Heineman announced international business expansions in Nebraska with companies located in Korea, China and South Africa, as part of Nebraska's second Reverse Trade Mission. This year's trade mission, "Bringing the World to Nebraska," has offered trade representatives and international business leaders from 15 countries the opportunity to see firsthand the benefits of doing business in Nebraska.

“The MOU signed with South African company Benchmark Timetable formalizes Benchmark's intent to establish a U.S. base in Nebraska to support its growing clientele of schools and colleges. This information technology company specializes in master scheduling for the educational sector. Currently, Benchmark Timetable partners with Fremont-based Sycamore Education providing scheduling solutions for their U.S. clients and schools. Benchmark Timetable Director of Customer Service, Ms. Anny van Niekerk, said that the values in Nebraska fit well with those of Benchmark Timetable, and that she looks forward to working to headquarter in Nebraska.

The Reverse Trade Mission is aimed at encouraging international companies to explore opportunities for investment in Nebraska. Representatives from 15 countries: Argentina, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Spain, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam will be among those participating.

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