Good News! about U.S. HWY 30

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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Representatives of Fremont, Columbus, Schuyler and Norfolk formed a coalition recently to support completion of the expressway from Schuyler to Fremont and other roads projects after NDOR included U.S. 30 on a 10-year project priority list announced in November.

Four members of the coalition - two each from Fremont and Columbus - met with NDOR Director Monty Fredrickson and his engineering staff last week.

"The surprise when we sat down with Monty Fredrickson and his engineering staff was that right off the bat he said we've decided to make this a totally state-funded project and put no federal dollars toward it," said Ron Tillery, executive director of the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce.

Removing federal funds from the picture, Tillery pointed out, also removes federal environmental studies and requirements bogging the project down.

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