Governor's Weekly Column

30 Nov 2012

State News

Dear Fellow Nebraskans:

With the new year just a few weeks away, it’s a good time to remind businesses and students about a valuable program designed to enhance student business skills and for students to gain real life business experience. This program is Intern Nebraska.

More than 200 companies have taken advantage of this grant program designed to help offset some of the cost and risk businesses take when hiring interns. Grants are available to companies creating qualified new internships matching wages paid to interns between 40 percent (up to $3,500 per internship) and 60 percent (up to $5,000 per internship) depending on the location of the business.

The participating companies have created more than 330 internships and have been awarded funds to create over 200 additional positions. The Intern Nebraska program has awarded or disbursed more than $2.3 million. One-third of these funds have been granted to companies in rural Nebraska.

Students who have completed internships with the program have been highly satisfied with their experiences, rating the program an average 9.09 on a scale of 1-10. Of the 223 completed internships, 74 were filled by students who graduated at the end of the internship and provided information to the Intern Nebraska program about their future plans. Over 50 percent of those graduating interns were offered a full-time position with the company where they interned. More than 25 percent were hired on full-time with another company.

The following higher education institutions have actively placed interns: The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, The University of Nebraska-Omaha, The University of Nebraska-Kearney, Creighton University, Hastings College and Wayne State College. We expect additional colleges all across Nebraska to take advantage of this opportunity in the future. 

Companies provided internships in a wealth of disciplines, including 48 percent in general business, 20 percent in computer-related careers, 18 percent in engineering, eight percent in sciences, and five percent in agriculture.

The program continues its focus on helping businesses afford interns, helping students locate internships, and encouraging students to explore all the career-related possibilities that exist right here in Nebraska.

Companies and students will soon be able to access a new and improved Intern Nebraska website making it easy to apply for the program. This is expected to be unveiled sometime during the next few weeks. Meanwhile people can still visit the current website for openings at, and go to to learn more about the grant program and download the application form.