Nebraska Chamber unveils 100 ideas offered by state's residents

14 Feb 2013

State News

(Lincoln Journal Star) -- reports that the Nebraska Chamber's "Forging Nebraska's Future" initiative has unveiled "100 NExt Generation Ideas." The report is the "culmination of more than a year of work by the State Chamber, and includes suggestions from Nebraskans that range from the obvious to the unlikely." The ideas were gathered online from September until December via the Chamber's website,


Through this interactive website, which attracted more than 5,800 users, nearly 550 ideas were submitted and then narrowed to the final 100 by the Forging Nebraska's Future advisory committee. The 100 ideas are divided into six NExt Generation Strategies, with the focus on providing a more prosperous future. "Richard Baier, executive vice president, stressed that the State Chamber is not endorsing the ideas, nor is it adopting any as an official policy."