Limited Time Offer for Business Exit Planning

14 Aug 2013


Nebraska Business Development Center is offering our 10-point business value and exit program for just $2,000 statewide.


This is a savings of up to 75% from standard exit and succession program fees.


Businesses must enroll between now and August 31st and must be under $2 million in annual sales. 


This program includes:


1.  Business Planning Value Report by credentialed valuation professionals.

2.  Nine Opportunities For Success - Nine ways out of your business and their value to you.

3.  Grow Your Value - Opportunities to increase your exit value in the time you have.

4.  Revised Nine Opportunities For Success Report.

5.  Maximum Value Plan - Increase your Cash-To-The-Seller by as much as 200%.

6.  Alternative Deal Structures - 3 additional ways to get a tough deal accomplished.

7.  Planning For Your Future - Your personalized Exit or Succession Plan to take to your team.

8.  Market and Industry Premium Research and Commentary.

9.  Location Analysis and Trends.

10.  Ready. Set. Go. - Turning your plan into action to attract or develop a buyer or successor.


This plan has 3 simple goals.


·         Maximize Business Value for the Seller.

·         Maximize the Number or Real Transition Opportunities for Owners.

·         Retain Successful Small Businesses in their Community and Encourage Local Ownership.


Owners can enroll themselves, or communities can reserve spots by purchasing available openings for local businesses they wish to assist.


Up to 70% of existing owners will leave their business by 2020* and up to 80%* of owners are not ready. Don't let this offer pass you by. We have a total of 30 openings available.


Check out the attached brochure to learn more about exit planning and why it’s important for business owners and community leaders!


Contact Odee in Kearney at 308-865-8344 or Sara in Grand Island at 308-382-9210 to enroll or to find out more information.


Download Brochure for more information.


*Inc. Magazine, International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), Exit Planning Institute.