About Us

GFDC is a 501(c)6 public-private partnership that works diligently to fulfill its mission to provide leadership for Greater Fremont Area growth initiatives and aggressively pursue targeted growth opportunities that will result in quality job creation and retention.

Fremont, Nebraska, is poised for a bright economic future. Strategically located at the crossroads of major highway links to reach the downtown Omaha and Lincoln metropolitan areas in less than an hour, the community offers immediate access to big city amenities while retaining an independent rural community flavor.

Fremont enjoys a diverse economic base with major employers in the areas of agribusiness, food processing, fabricated metal processing and electronics manufacturing. As the community looks forward to its economic future, this base will be strengthened by capitalizing on opportunities to link our existing industries to growth areas of the Nebraska economy. Fremont continues to grow with publicly owned land, zoned for business and  industry at  Morningside North Business Park, and the Fremont Business Park. 

Diversity is not the only business strength of the sixth largest city in Nebraska. The City of Fremont Department of Utilities provides residents and businesses with among the lowest electrical, gas, sewer and water rates in the state.

In addition to a strong employer base, recreational opportunities and community amenities make Fremont an excellent location for commuters to enjoy the quality of life special to rural Nebraska. Activity abounds as the community is home to the Fremont State Lakes, Fremont Splash Station, summer cultural events at the Louis E. May museum and the John C. Fremont Days. Fremont residents looking to enjoy a close-to-home outing can take advantage of 15 neighborhood parks and a trail system.

The community also is known for a strong faith culture. More than 40 different churches representing over 20 denominations serve the spiritual needs of the community.

One of Nebraska's premier private colleges, Midland University, is located in the heart of the community, and a priority on education is in the hearts of the citizens of Fremont. Metropolitan Community College has a campus in Fremont providing affordable continuing post-secondariy education for all ages, including several dual credit courses for high school students.

Fremont invites you to explore opportunities in Fremont and Dodge County. The Greater Fremont Development Council would be happy to assist your business development efforts.

Your inquiries may be directed to the Greater Fremont Development Council at (402) 753-8126 or e-mail info@fremontecodev.org.