Fremont Native, Kelsey Martinez, Joins the GFDC as Director of Business Services

Fremont Native, Kelsey Martinez, Joins the GFDC as Director of Business Services Main Photo

10 Dec 2020


For Kelsey Martinez, her new role as Greater Fremont Development Council’s (GFDC) Director of Businesses Services represented a chance to come home. “Fremont is very dear to me. I have such a deep appreciation for the place and especially the people.  I grew up in Fremont, born and raised. My parents, grandparents, and great grandparents are all from the Fremont area, and I feel a strong connection to the community,” she said.  After high school, Kelsey moved to Lincoln where she attended the University of Nebraska, earning a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Natural Resources. Though she enjoyed her time in Lincoln, Fremont was never far from her mind. “Fremont will always be home to me, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to provide any assistance towards the community’s growth. Coming back after 6 years it is so exciting to see all of the amazing changes and developments,” she said. 

Through her role as Director of Business Services, Kelsey will be focused on building relationships within Dodge County communities in order to gain a deeper understanding of needs, opportunities and ways that GFDC can help.  She will also head up the organization’s marketing and communications efforts. “Kelsey has deep ties to Fremont and Dodge County. Her understanding of our area, along with the fresh perspective that comes from recently graduating college, makes her an incredible asset for our organization and for the businesses that we work with,” said Garry Clark, President and CEO of Greater Fremont Development Council. 

Kelsey is new to the economic development world and looking forward to continuing her practical education through her work with GFDC and the Omaha Chamber. “Everyone at the GFDC and Omaha Chamber have been so helpful and encouraging. I feel so lucky to be a part of this group and community.  I am so looking forward to learning more about Economic Development, meeting new people, and building relationships throughout various communities. Before joining the GFDC I did not have a lot of knowledge pertaining to Economic Development. Since starting here about 3 weeks ago, I already feel that I know and understand so much more about Economic Development, and the importance of it. I never realized how heavily Economic Development plays into all of our daily lives, regardless of your occupation. Over the past month or so I have gained so much appreciation for the Economic Developers of the world, and I am so excited to contribute to the continued progress in the Fremont community,” she said.

When asked about the growth in Fremont, Kelsey describes the significant changes she has witnessed since growing up in the community, listing new housing developments and business growth as key signs of change. “I would like to be part of this growth and look forward to building the relationships necessary to make an impact. I am excited to begin this journey and to contribute to the community I love,” she said.