Greater Fremont Development Council (GFDC) Holds Annual Meeting

Greater Fremont Development Council (GFDC) Holds Annual Meeting Main Photo

8 Mar 2022


Welcomes New Board of Directors, Recognizes Staff and GFDC Accomplishments in 2021, and Looks Ahead to 2022

The Greater Fremont Development Council (GFDC) held its annual meeting, welcoming the new 2022 Board of Directors, reviewing the many accomplishments during 2021, outlining plans for continued growth in 2022, and preparing for the extraordinary growth expected in the next decade.

The meeting was the first time that the new 2022 Board of Directors and the new officers were together. The new Board Chairman is Diane Mallette of Structural Component Systems, taking the place of Al Sawtelle, Board of Utilities, who is now immediate Past Chairman. The Board has a new Vice Chair, Jessica Kolterman of Lincoln Premium Poultry. Scott Meister of Pinnacle Bank remains Treasurer.

The GFDC also welcomed two new members to the Board of Directors: Scott Getzschman, President & Owner of Getzschman Heating & Air Conditioning, and  Tim McCormick, President & CEO of Fremont Contract Carriers.

The GFDC staff was recognized for their exceptional performance in the past year. Lauren Foster, Director of Quality of Life, and Kelsey Martinez, Director of Business Services, were lauded for their perseverance and dedication in 2021, and especially for their ability to keep the organization afloat and on track for success during the eight-month period when the GFDC was operating without an executive director.

The new Executive Director of the GFDC, Megan Skiles, began her role in September 2021. “We’ve achieved so much since I joined the GFDC in September,” shared Skiles. “We opened 42 new projects last year, and have 21 active projects. I’m looking forward to what’s next, from businesses expanding here to the exciting new inland port opportunity, there is so much growth coming to the Fremont area.”

Skiles also thanked Sawtelle for his tremendous contributions to the GFDC Board. “Al has given an unbelievable amount of his time and talents to our community over the past year in support of multiple organizations and initiatives, and has helped guide us towards positive impacts that will permeate the region.”

Highlights of a very productive year for the GFDC during 2021 include: 

  • Managing five site and building development grants for area businesses to expand in the Fremont area
  • Committing more than $160.5 million in capital investment
  • Facilitating more than 160 new housing units coming on the market in the Fremont area
  • Spearheading new port authority legislation, which was passed into law, which once enacted should lead to increased economic growth across the Greater Fremont area
  • Creating more than 220 jobs
  • Supporting the newly-approved $123 million bond for Fremont Public Schools
  • Partnering with the City of Fremont in the creation of a new comprehensive plan and unified development code (UDC)

The Annual Meeting’s guest speaker was Anthony Goins, Director, Nebraska Department of Economic Development, who shared that “Nebraska’s story is under-told and under-sold. Nebraska is poised for growth. We outpaced the rest of the nation on economic recovery from the pandemic, now we need to tout our success.”

Director Goins believes that key issues to focus on in order to continue growing the state’s economy are those related to workforce and housing availability. Goins shared pieces of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development's recently launched talent attraction campaign, and also touted various resources for Nebraska employers for workforce recruitment and development. The GFDC’s goals for 2022 are in alignment with the state goals as its focus will be on housing, workforce development and retention, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, and business attraction. The GFDC and the State of Nebraska will be working together to attract new businesses and to help current ones grow and expand.

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