Celebrating Culture and Unity: The 2023 Fremont Hispanic Festival

Celebrating Culture and Unity: The 2023 Fremont Hispanic Festival Main Photo

3 Oct 2023


Fremont came alive on August 25th and 26th, 2023, as MainStreet of Fremont Inc. proudly presented the much-anticipated Fremont Hispanic Festival. This two-day cultural extravaganza was a vibrant celebration of Hispanic traditions and influences, featuring family-friendly activities, live music, traditional dances, art exhibitions, and mouth-watering Hispanic cuisine. The festival brought joy and entertainment to the community, enhancing cultural understanding and fostering unity while providing a platform for local talents to shine. The Greater Fremont Development Council turned the Hispanic Festival over to MainStreet  of Fremont last year to allow it to grow and develop for the community. GFDC remains a Platino Sponsor and part of the Hispanic Festival Committee.

Lainey Paquette, the Executive Director of MainStreet of Fremont Inc., highlighted the efforts made to represent various cultural backgrounds: "The committee involved in planning this event went above and beyond to find different businesses and performers to participate in this event, stemming from various cultural backgrounds."

The festival kicked off on a high note at 5 p.m. on Friday, August 25th, in the picturesque John C Fremont City Park. The entire Fremont community was invited to join in this lively celebration, and the event lived up to its promise of delivering a memorable experience for all.

Crowning Moments: Little Princess, Princess, and Queen Shine at the Festival

One of the highlights of the Fremont Hispanic Festival was the crowning of a Little Princess, Princess, and Queen. In a significant change, this year's festival introduced the Little Princess and Princess categories, allowing for representation of various age groups and cultures. Abigail Villegas (age 5) was crowned Little Princess, Kaylee Quintero (age 13) as Princess, and Damaris Magana (age 15) as the Queen. Their presence throughout the festival, especially post-parade, added a heartwarming touch as they danced and interacted with attendees.

A Parade to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

The parade on Main Street was a spectacle of diverse cultures, with participants donning traditional outfits representing their heritage. Adding dancing horses brought by Lakeshore Marina and Los Mezcales further enriched the festivities, showcasing the beauty of Hispanic culture. Among the featured performers was Danza Tlacololeros, hailing from Guerrero, Mexico, who presented an ancestral dance dating back to the 1890s. This dance symbolizes the efforts of peasants to cultivate and protect their crops, adding a rich layer of historical significance to the festival.

Sounds of Tradition: Music and Dance Showcase at the Festival

Sangre Azteca showcased dancers of all ages, performing dances from 10 different states of Mexico, bringing the diversity of Mexican culture to the forefront. The event also featured the talents of Mariachi Los Gallegos, a group known for their unique voices and charismatic performances, leaving a mark on the traditional music of Mexico. Paqyette stated, “Since 1996, Mariachi Los Galleros is a group of young adults who have come together for their love of the traditional music of Mexico, which is mariachi. Coming from different parts of Omaha, NE, these individuals have been together for years and are recognized for their great talent. With their unique voices, talented musicians, musicality, and charisma, they have managed to move all their audiences. Whether it's quinceañeras, weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, festivals, parades, or any other occasion, this group of young individuals will always strive to please their audience. With genres such as rancheras, huapangos, sones, boleros, or cumbias, this mariachi offers variety. Mariachi Los Galleros will continue to work hard to leave behind their mark in the music of mariachi in Omaha, Nebraska and its surrounding cities.”

As an annual event, the Fremont Hispanic Festival is poised for continuous growth and evolution. While details about plans were not provided, the festival's increasing popularity suggests expanding and diversifying activities and performers. The focus will remain on broadening cultural representation, ensuring that all subgroups within the Hispanic community are showcased and celebrated.

The 2023 Fremont Hispanic Festival was a resounding success, bringing the Fremont community together to celebrate and appreciate the vibrant Hispanic culture. With its commitment to cultural understanding and unity, the festival will remain a significant event on the Fremont calendar, fostering connections and creating cherished memories for years. For those eager to be part of this cultural celebration in the future, mark your calendars and prepare to immerse yourself in the richness of Hispanic traditions at the next Fremont Hispanic Festival!