Live Better in Greater Fremont. It’s Freeing to Live Here.

If you want to be free of big city traffic, congestion, and the fear of not knowing what’s happening in your community or child’s school, come to Greater Fremont. We’re a vibrant community that supports one another and would eagerly welcome you and your family.

People from Omaha, Bennington, Elk Horn, and Waterloo are finding that by working in Greater Fremont, they experience a different way of life that is easier and friendlier. Picture this - you drive five minutes from work to pick your child up from school. Within minutes you’re at soccer practice chatting with friends. After you walk downtown and go have pizza, where you chat with neighbors and friends, the server knows your name. When done, you leisurely drive home or even walk. That’s all possible in Fremont. It may sound simple, but it’s easy, good, and takes the pressure off, making it easier to relax and enjoy life. If you’re ready to make that switch - join us in Greater Fremont by applying for a job today.