Work Better in Greater Fremont

You can find an excellent job in Greater Fremont that turns into an incredible career. Our employers are hiring for positions ranging from entry-level to management and everywhere in between. Many offer on-the-job training and will pay employees to continue their education. Benefits vary per employer, but it’s common to have medical insurance, paid time off, and more. You may not need a degree or certification to get a great job. You simply need to have a good work ethic and be willing to apply yourself to learning something new. That’s the beauty of working in Greater Fremont - there are unlimited opportunities for career growth, regardless of where you are today.

It’s Better to Work in Greater Fremont

Here’s why people enjoy working in Fremont and Dodge County compared to a bigger city.

#1 No Traffic Makes for an Easier Commute

It’s faster and easier to reach Fremont than Omaha due to the lack of traffic and stress-free drive. Those living in Omaha, Bennington, Elk Horn, and Waterloo may be able to reduce their commute by working in Fremont instead of Omaha.

#2 You Matter Here

Being part of a smaller community means you matter even more to employers and the community. Everyone plays an important role, and you won’t get lost in the shuffle like in a larger city.

#3 It’s Easier to Advance & Be Promoted

Ever heard the saying, “A big fish in a small pond?” That’s a great way to view your career in Greater Fremont. Here, it’s easier to stand out and make an impact. With your skill and work ethic on full display, the promotion could come faster than it would in a bigger city.

#4 Employers Support their Employees

We’re a community, and that’s the best way to describe what it’s like working for a company in Greater Fremont. Managers, HR, and teams support one another, and workplace environments reflect that. Many people from Omaha, Bennington, Elk Horn, and Waterloo have appreciated our connected and supportive culture.

#5 This is a Great Place to Live

Many people find that they love Greater Fremont so much they want to move here too. With our safe, family-friendly environment, good schools, housing options, and general friendliness - this is truly an excellent place to raise a family. Plus, getting to work only takes a few minutes if you live here.


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