Meet Scott Meister: Pinnacle Bank President and GFDC Board Member

Meet Scott Meister: Pinnacle Bank President and GFDC Board Member Main Photo

14 Feb 2019

As the Fremont Market President for Pinnacle Bank and former head of American National Bank of Fremont, Scott Meister has been at the forefront of Fremont’s growth and development. In his role as Market President, he has had the opportunity to support local companies, developers and entrepreneurs looking to grow their business and increase market share. Simultaneously, he has worked to ensure that the bank provides financial solutions for local families looking to buy homes and put down roots.

Scott’s focus on community building stems from a desire to see the community he was raised in grow and thrive. “I’m passionate about community building and economic development because a strong growing community is a positive for everybody within the community, not just the bank. I like to see new things popping up and new opportunities for people to expand on their career paths. Through my association with the Greater Fremont Development Council, we are also working to attract new businesses to town who will bring new individuals to the area who want to live here and raise a family. As we grow from that standpoint, it will only make the entire community stronger,” said Scott.

Scott Meister Has Served in GFDC Leadership Roles for 9 Years

As a GFDC board member and former board president, Scott has taken an active role in supporting economic development, both as a leader and by donating funds the bank sets aside to support community organizations. “We support a lot of projects because without a strong community we won’t be successful,” he said.

Fremont is an Attractive Community

Fremont has many assets that make it attractive for families and businesses. Some of the main assets he sees are the safety and comfort that a smaller town provides. While within 30-minutes of Omaha, Fremont has its own culture and is known as being a connected and friendly community where people smile at each other, kids feel safe playing at the park, and it is common to see friends and neighbors when going out for dinner. With low crime and a family-friendly atmosphere, many people are choosing to live in Fremont, whether they work here or in nearby Omaha. Because of that, Scott actively supports the GFDC’s efforts to create more workforce housing. This important initiative will create new homes for families moving to the area to work at the new Costco poultry processing plant (Lincoln Premium Poultry), along with families relocating from Omaha. The bank will provide additional support by offering mortgage solutions to families moving to the area.  

There is Opportunity in Fremont

Scott’s career is an incredible example of the amount of opportunity available in Fremont. Though he grew up here, after college he went to work for the FDIC in Omaha and a large bank in Lincoln before opportunity came knocking. He was contacted about coming home to help grow a local bank – the American National Bank of Fremont. This was the opportunity of a lifetime and he jumped at the chance to come back home while simultaneously growing his career. The bank was highly successful and eventually acquired by Pinnacle Bank, where he is now the Fremont Market President. “Many people do not realize that by moving to a smaller community it is often possible to reach certain career goals that may not be an option in major cities. I encourage anyone with career ambitions to consider Fremont companies and the opportunities that exist here,” said Scott.

Snippet: GFDC board member and Pinnacle Bank Market President, Scott Meister on why he sees so much opportunity in Fremont.