The Fremont Area Rolls Out New City Brand - ‘Here We Grow’

4 Jun 2019

The Greater Fremont Development Council (GFDC) in addition to many community partners including, Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce, Fremont & Dodge County Convention and Visitors Bureau, City of Fremont, MainStreet Fremont and several others, have announced the rollout of a new brand for Fremont, Nebraska - ‘Here We Grow’. “Fremont is a vibrant community with unlimited potential. ‘Here We Grow’ symbolizes our rich history and the opportunities available to everyone within our community,” said Garry Clark, Executive Director of the Greater Fremont Development Council.

GFDC engaged Maly Marketing to conduct a research and branding exercise in order to capture who the city is today, the city's strengths, weaknesses and future opportunities. By spending time in Fremont and interviewing stakeholders, they identified that some of our greatest strengths come from Fremont's high quality of life. This is a community where everyone feels   safe - safe enough for children to ride bikes to their friend’s house, play outside and explore. Children also benefit from plentiful school options. Here, families can choose between public and private schools, selecting the type of education they feel will be best for their children.

Fremont is a small-town community with a strong sense of place and defining culture that makes it ideal for families living here and anyone who wants to become part of a strong community.

In addition, opportunity is high for businesses who want to locate in the area and grow. That's exactly what we are doing in Fremont – growing. Fremont's new brand, ‘Here We Grow’ has been designed to capture this spirit and to symbolize where Fremont is headed.

What makes a community?

Here we grow imageA community is more than a collection of addresses. It's a place where you stop and chat in the grocery store. A place where kids can ride their bikes. A place where people know their neighbors. A community is a place where friendships grow and families are raised. Fremont. Here we grow.

Fremont's agricultural roots are more than our heritage.

Here We Grow AgFarmers know a thing or two about growth. But the Ag economy doesn’t end at the edge of the field. It takes a lot to feed the world, and agricultural support businesses large and small to help bring the crops from the fields to the market. In Fremont we know what it takes. Here We Grow.

Fremont is a good place to do business.

Here We Grow: Business What makes a city a good place for businesses? The willingness to work, to find solutions, apply elbow grease, and get the work done, no matter what that work is. You’ll find that in Fremont. Here We Grow.

Fremont is diverse, inclusive, and collaborative.

Here We Grow: Diveristy Fremont is positioned for growth because of the community’s strong foundation, agricultural heritage and skilled workforce. But that’s not all the community is focused on. Fremont’s leaders and residents are looking to the future and building upon the city’s diversity to identify new opportunities for advancement and growth. Through inclusivity and collaboration, the city is poised to reach new heights.

Whether public or private, you’ll find a great education in Fremont.

Here We Grow: Education Education is more than what’s learned in the classroom. It’s the friendships, experiences, and community that empowers students to play, grow, thrive, and move confidently into the future. From Kindergarten to college, that’s what you’ll find in Fremont. Here We Grow.

Fremont. Here We Grow!

In addition to a new community slogan, GFDC, along with many community partners, contracted with Oxide Design Co. out of Omaha to design a logo/mark to align with the new slogan. This logo shares direct representations of a few of the key aspects of the city.

The shield reminds us of safety, strength, and security of education and of health. The building is an amalgamation of some of the historic buildings of Fremont, reminding us of our rich history. The blue water represents the lakes and river recreation; abundant in resources.The square trail represents the rails and roads that are found in the community. The Green dots being at the bottom represent having our foundation grounded in our parks and fields.

Join the Shield. Join Fremont. Here We Grow!

Greater Fremont Logo