Fremont’s Workforce is Capable and Loyal, Generation After Generation

14 Oct 2019

Companies like Jayhawk Boxes have spent decades growing in Fremont, in part, due to a workforce who is capable and loyal. Fremont’s workforce has been a critical factor that has enabled Jayhawk Boxes to grow. Their capabilities and loyalty have been something the company could depend on. Being located in a smaller community has had additional benefits as well. For example, they are one of many Fremont companies that has hired multiple generations of the same family to work for them. Now that’s loyalty. 

Why does workforce loyalty matter?

Without loyalty, workers are more likely to take their training and leave the company for another job opportunity. In their Human Capital Benchmarking Report, the Society of Human Resource Management estimated that around 19% of the workforce leaves their current employer every year.  Furthermore, they estimate that the average cost-per-hire to fill a position is $4,129. That’s expensive. 

Not only does it cost to replace an employee, there is a loss of productivity to consider. Constant turnover makes it difficult to fulfill orders, meet client expectations, deliver as promised, or grow. Companies who cannot retain employees will be in a constant state of flux that is not good for company morale, and certainly not good for the bottom line. 

Fremont’s loyal workforce could be the answer. 

Fremont’s capable and loyal workforce stands out. 

In Fremont, businesses are thought of as part of the community. This is a place where everyone is growing together, so when someone takes a job with a local company, they are participating in the success of that company and the future success of the community. 

For those living in Fremont, there is a sense of being deeply rooted – of belonging. Generations of families have grown here, thrived here and want to stay here. There is an understanding that this requires thriving businesses to locate here as well. In other words – your success as a business is our success as a community. 

With community members and businesses committed to each other’s mutual success, everyone can grow and thrive together. That’s the foundation for workforce loyalty. 

Fremont’s diverse workforce supports all business sectors. 

Our community has a diverse workforce that can meet the needs of all industry types. We have agricultural workers and skilled manufacturing workers, along with those educated in the healthcare, technology, finance and business sectors. We understand that the more diverse we are, the better we are and have encouraged local training programs and internships that ensure high school graduates can fill key positions or receive the education they need to do so. 

Come grow with us.

If your business is struggling to find loyal and capable workers, we encourage you to move to Fremont. Become part of our community and grow with us. 

 Fremont Here We Grow.