Fremont Area Food Security Taskforce Sees Success in Grab N Go Events

27 Aug 2020


Because of the gracious support and donations from local donors and Greater Fremont Development Council (GFDC) investors, the Fremont Area Food Security Taskforce has seen much success in their Grab N Go events this summer. These events were first hosted by GFDC shortly after COVID-19 started to impact our area in March. President & CEO Garry Clark says, “As families were furloughed and collecting unemployment it was clear to our organization what needed to be done.” Through their efforts, they were able to provide over 700 free meals at three different restaurants in Fremont and North Bend. Kelly Gentrup, Director of Quality of Life, “It is humbling to see the gratitude that is shown during these events. The community, the people, and the restaurants are so appreciative, and it makes what we are doing so much more fulfilling. Not only are we providing meals to those who need it, but we also are giving business to a restaurant who may have been struggling during these uncertain times.”

This concept continued after the Fremont Area COVID-19 Taskforce convened as a committee to identify food security needs throughout Dodge County to complement what other organizations were doing. Throughout these events, the taskforce has been able to bring business to an additional 10 restaurants in Fremont, Hooper, North Bend and Scribner while serving over 1,750 free meals. Through these events, we have seen a mix of people - elderly people, families, people getting off work.

As funds are available, the Fremont Area Food Security Taskforce will continue to host these Grab N Go events. For those interested in contributing to our food security efforts, they can donate to the Fremont Area Community Foundation through their Food Security Fund –