Celebrating Manufacturing Month in Fremont

Celebrating Manufacturing Month in Fremont Main Photo

26 Oct 2022


Fremont is home to global manufacturing companies that are producing goods using the latest technologies and the raw materials that are plentiful in Nebraska. Throughout Manufacturing Month, we at the Greater Fremont Development Council (GFDC) are celebrating these companies for their employment opportunities and innovations that grow our economy.

A manufacturing community, in 2021, Fremont’s manufacturing companies produced $600 million in GDP, with a growth of 7.1% in the last ten years. Twenty-four percent of Dodge County’s gross regional product (GRP) and 19% of the area's employment is from the manufacturing sector.

Fremont is also home to Lincoln Premium Poultry, which was recognized as one of the Nebraska Manufacturers of the Year!

About Manufacturing Month

Manufacturing Month provides an opportunity to focus on modern manufacturing careers and the thousands of companies and educational institutions around the nation. This year, the theme of Manufacturing Month is “Creators Wanted,” with a focus on building the workforce of the future by educating America’s youth about the incredible career pathways that modern manufacturing offers. Manufacturing creates careers that are full of opportunities for advancement and stability.

Manufacturing jobs in Fremont employ 4,505 people and are steadily growing each year, with an additional 1,225 jobs created in the last ten years. The average wage per worker is $53,505. There are a variety of manufacturing jobs available in Fremont, including meat packers, welders, packaging and filling machine operators, and maintenance and repair workers.

There is a robust workforce in Greater Freemont of skilled employees ready and able to take on challenging positions in manufacturing. There are a variety of training programs and initiatives available, and Midland University - located in the heart of Fremont - has multiple postsecondary programs to provide manufacturing job training, including degrees in business administration and Management Information Systems.

We are always striving to help our workforce develop and to provide continuing education, upskill training, and other opportunities to develop the skills workers need for advanced manufacturing positions.

Manufacturing in Fremont

Manufacturing Month is the perfect opportunity to call attention to the many manufacturing companies we have in our community. These manufacturers are leaders in technology and good workplace practices, produce high-quality products, and consistently innovate to keep in step with and progress their industries. We are proud that these companies have made their home in Fremont, Nebraska. Companies that are producing in our region include Fremont Beef Company, Lincoln Premium Poultry, Oilgear, and Royal Canin/Mars Pet Food.

Reasons Manufacturing Companies Should Locate in Fremont 

Fremont offers several advantages to national and global manufacturing companies. Among them are low tax rates, low-cost utilities, excellent educational opportunities, and a hard-working, skilled local workforce. 

Businesses in Fremont also benefit from robust transportation access. Fremont has a central location that offers an integrated system of four-lane highways connected to the interstate system, mainline railroads, and an airport. Fremont has an ideal strategic location at the crossroads of major highway links to reach the downtown Omaha and Lincoln metropolitan areas in less than an hour.

Fremont is uniquely positioned to experience the benefits of a major metropolitan area and be the economic driver for a rural economy. 

Sites and buildings are available for manufacturing companies looking to expand, and the Fremont Business Park has 80 acres of municipally owned, shovel-ready sites. Fremont is the perfect place for businesses to have the room they need to grow, and local economic developers are available to make it easy to find the just-right location. In certain cases, financial incentives can be applied to make a move an even better investment. And, Fremont has some of the lowest utility rates in the nation, with an electrical power system that is 100% public.

To learn more about manufacturing opportunities in Fremont, contact us at the GFDC.