Branding Effort Builds on Fremont's Pathfinders

Branding Effort Builds on Fremont's Pathfinders Main Photo

27 Jan 2012

Community News

Source:  Fremont Tribune article of January 14, 2012.

Pathfinders is a word that can help guide Fremont into the future, said Bill Vobejda, chairman of a Chamber of Commerce led task force that chose, "Fremont, Nebraska Pathfinders" as the tag line and logo for a community branding project.

"The tag line, Nebraska Pathfinders, was carefully chosen as our identifier," Bill Vobejda said. "It gives homage to our past, but more importantly it defines the direction for our future. A pathfinder," he explained, "is someone that we see as explorers, discoverers, leaders, innovators, people who create, and they take risks."

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The Logo 

Its most visible aspect is its green and blue logo with a compass in place of the "o" in Fremont.  It reflects Fremont's characteristics and values, i.e. green for abundance of nature and rich agricultural heritage; blue for the proximity to rivers, lakes, and recreation.

The compass alludes to Fremont's proximity - not only to Omaha, one of Fremont's strengths, - but also to rivers and lakes, transportation routes, historic downtown and open spaces.

The direction of the compass and the ‘o,' is symbolic of our fortunate proximity and connection to Omaha.

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