Nebraska targets data Center Projects - Fremont, Nebraska is ready!

Nebraska targets data Center Projects - Fremont, Nebraska is ready! Main Photo

14 Feb 2012

Community News columnist, Senator Charlie Janssen writes:

The Legislature paid particular attention to economic development opportunities in recent days. We also acted to protect our tourism industry and recreational areas.

The Revenue Committee had a public hearing on a proposal focused on attracting businesses that have great potential for creating good-paying, high-tech jobs.

LB1118 would encourage the development of large data center projects in our state by providing strategic tax incentives. These businesses would house the necessary infrastructure for search engines, encrypted data storage and other services in the field of electronic commerce.

The required investment for companies that want to qualify would be at least $300 million and the addition of at least 30 employees to the new project.

Nebraska is particularly well-placed to take advantage of new data center opportunities. We are a centralized location nationally. We have abundant and affordable power supplies. We have dedicated and hard-working people. We have educational institutions, including the campuses of the University of Nebraska and our community colleges, that have impressive programs to develop the skills needed to work in this industry.

Our legislative district is in a strong position to compete for these new data centers. Fremont is far along in the development of the Fremont Technology Park. It will have the latest fiber infrastructure needed for high-tech employers. We have our own power plant that provides reliable and affordable electricity. The Fremont campus of the Metropolitan Community College has a new green data center management degree program that is aimed squarely at these new businesses.

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