GFDC conducted two headquarters visits to thank companies for their presence in our community.

9 Oct 2015


Executive Director Cecilia Harry recently conducted a trip to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to call on two companies that have a great impact on the economy of Greater Fremont: Amesbury Truth and Hormel.

Headquarter visits are important to the economy of a community because it strengthens the connection between the community and the decision-making team at headquarters. Very few communities the size of Fremont make the effort to visit headquarters and let the leadership team know how important the company’s investment is in their community.

These visits help GFDC identify any potential opportunities for growth or problems early, as opposed to waiting for the company to reach out to the community, which often does not happen in time for the community to support the needs of the company.

AmesburyTruth, headquartered in Edina, Minnesota, has a facility in Fremont that was formerly called Overland Products. The Fremont facility is one of 8 facilities in the hardware division of Amesbury Truth.

Hormel, headquartered in Austin, MN, is Fremont’s largest employer (1400 employees).