Parks department plans busy summer of activities

10 Jun 2013


Splash Station and Ronin Pool are going to break with tradition a bit this year.

The pools have historically opened on Memorial Day, but the first day of swimming this year will be three days later on May 30.

With school dismissing on May 23, a teacher work day May 24, and her student-based summer staff heavily committed on May 25, recreation superintendent Kim Koski said she can’t begin orientation training until May 26 – not soon enough to safely open the pool on May 27.

Instead, her staff will undergo its orientation training May 26-29.

Orientation includes learning to perform daily chemical tests, CPR/AED certification for the entire staff, skills tests for lifeguards, first aid, a water park certification lifeguards need before they can work at Splash Station, emergency action plans, and opening and closing duties. Police will talk to staff about being aware of their surroundings or suspicious persons.

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Aricle By The Fremont Tribune   |   Chris Zavadil