Historic Freshman Class Propells Midland University to Record Enrollment

13 Sep 2013


Article By KTIC 840 Rural Radio

Fremont, Neb. - This fall, Midland University welcomed the arrival of its largest freshman class in decades. Successive enrollment gains have driven Midland's total student population to nearly 1300 students: more than double the enrollment of just four years ago.

With the arrival of 367 new freshmen this fall, more students than ever before are calling Midland home. After four consecutive years of enrollment growth, Midland now serves 1,288 students, including 1,192 undergraduates.

"Over the last four years, we have seen what can happen when a university commits itself to doing what is right for students," said Midland President Ben Sasse. "Our faculty have invested themselves in the idea that we can push students to find their fullest potential while supporting them through the trials such a journey entails."

Sasse says in recent years Midland has invested in new ideas that are redefining the college experience to meet the needs of today's students. An extensive advising and support network enables the university to track student progress beginning their first weekend on campus. Through careful review of a variety of indicators of student performance, from attendance to participation in activities, Midland officials are identifying students that need extra support and guidance from the start of their freshman experience.


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