Fremont Electric honored by the Chamber

20 Jan 2014

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Article By: Fremont Tribune   |   Stephen Ricker

What started out as a part time job for Les Shallberg has grown into a successful business that was recently named Business of the Year by the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce.

Fremont Electric was named Business of Year for companies with 25 employees or fewer by the Chamber due to its service to the community, adherence to excellence and growth as a local business. The company will be honored at the annual awards luncheon, presented by the Fremont Tribune, on Wednesday.

“I think it’s an honor that your community looks to your company as being a leader in industry,” said owner Les Shallberg.

Fremont Electric began in 1974, and in 1983 Shallberg began his career with the company on a part-time basis. He and his wife, Koni, began managing the business in 1988, and by 1991 then-owner Paul Marsh offered the couple the opportunity to purchase the company.

Over the years, Shallberg said, he has seen a number of changes, but through hard work the company has experienced growth.

“We’ve been fortunate,” Shallberg said. “When I took over managing the business in ’88 we had two maybe three employees.”

The company had grown to necessitate the need of about 12 employees, but dwindled in size prior to Shallberg becoming manager. He said about five years ago the company had employed as many as 32 employees, but has returned to the 20 to 25 employee range where it is most comfortable and efficient.

Shallberg said Fremont Electric is a full service electrical contractor that does anything and everything to accommodate the customer whether on a large commercial project, residential build or remodel or service call.

“We kind of pride ourselves on the service industry as well in the commercial and residential areas,” he said. “When you need an electrician, you’re calling for a reason, so we respond with almost the same day service. If it’s an emergency, we’re there right away. If it can be scheduled, we'll schedule it and we don’t miss an appointment.”

About 35 percent of the company's work is in industrial and process projects. Around 50 percent is in new and remodel commercial construction, and the remaining work is split between the service and residential market.


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