What makes a technology business successful?

13 Oct 2014


The tech industry has grown exponentially in recent years, outgrowing the confines of Silicon Valley. Across the U.S., companies and communities are starting to realize the potential for strong tech business and employment opportunities.

Hard work, good employees, strong planning and financing are key elements of any successful business, but technology-based companies require additional infrastructure and “shovel ready” real estate when facing a location decision.

That’s why the city of Fremont, Nebraska created an 80-acre, shovel ready site specifically geared towards tech businesses. We’ve got redundant fiber routes from multiple carriers as well as low cost energy, a favorable climate for outside air cooling, and access to Omaha’s IT workforce. In addition, Nebraska has competitive incentive programs that rival the best in the nation.

Learn more about why Fremont is a terrific place for tech: http://ow.ly/Aup8x