We’ve got what it takes to grow businesses

29 Dec 2014

State News

Sustainable economic growth doesn't happen in a vacuum. It requires an array of resources (business friendly climate, skilled workforce, appropriate incentive and financing programs) and a concerted effort from policy makers and communities.


Nebraska is on the forefront in terms of economic development efforts. It was rated the #4 top state for business by CNBC in 2013 (http://ow.ly/CaVlb). And in 2012, Greater Omaha was rated #1 overall for economic performance during the last recession by the Brookings Institute.

The Greater Fremont Development Council works with the Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership to support job creation and encourage business growth. We’ve got a variety of state and local initiatives, including: job training programs, loans and grants. Economic development specialists can help ensure you’re able to take full advantage of our valuable incentives. Learn more! http://ow.ly/AAISp