Good Life, Great Opportunity

19 Jul 2016


A brand is a promise.  Over the years, Nebraska has adopted a number of slogans and taglines which have come and gone.  One phrase, however, has not only stayed on our road signs, but it has also remained near and dear to the hearts of Nebraskans.  The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) and I announced that the State of Nebraska would be bringing back this beloved tagline.  Last week, we announced the new state brand, “Good Life. Great Opportunity.”

A key part of running an organization like a business means building a trusted brand across the entire enterprise that makes a positive impression on the customers you work to serve as well as the businesses and investors you are working to recruit.  Last year, DED began to develop a new brand to help market Nebraska to businesses, investors, and job creators.  As DED began this process, the vision for this new brand expanded.  Right now, State of Nebraska agencies use a myriad of logos and designs, so I encouraged DED to look for a brand all state agencies could utilize to help all of them create a unified image.

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