Dodge County Housing Study Update

17 Mar 2017

Ensuring that current and future residents have access to plentiful housing options is important for any community, and in Dodge County we are taking active steps to identify the needs of our greater community while working to address them through community-based solutions.

The Greater Fremont Development Council is participating in the Dodge County Housing Study which is a collaborative effort funded with a grant from the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority, and matching funds from local public and non-profit entities, including the City of Fremont, Dodge County, Fremont Area Community Foundation, Fremont Public Schools, Greater Fremont Development Council, and Midland University.

The Process

Completing a county-wide housing study is not an easy undertaking and input from the community is essential. You can get involved by attending a housing summit, listening session, or by filling out a survey.

The remaining research will involve compiling information on:

  • Demographic profiles

  • Economic profiles and projections

  • Housing profile and market demands

  • Housing funding source identification

  • Land use and housing site analysis

  • Background research

This will result in the creation of a five-year housing action plan, a place-based housing development component, and plan that can be shared with the community at-large.

Public Engagement

The housing study will include public engagement pieces in addition to the community-wide survey which was completed in March.

Why a Housing Study is Necessary

Our current and future residents need to have the housing available to meet their family’s needs. If a family is considering a move to Fremont, we want them to have the housing opportunities to allow them to do so.

“We are on the brink of experiencing meaningful population growth, and we need to have the right housing solutions available to capture that growth and maximize the economic impact to Fremont and other Dodge County communities. With the expected addition of a new major employer, Lincoln Premium Poultry, to our community, now is the time to make sure Fremont and other Dodge County communities know the housing opportunities and proactively address them” said Cecilia Harry, GFDC Executive Director.

At the Greater Fremont Development Council, we are proud to be a contributor to this important housing study and encourage the community of Fremont to participate however possible. The information provided in the final report will be an invaluable tool as we plan for the future of our community.