GFDC Secures Visit from Dream It Do It Metro Area Mobile Expo STEM Trailer

9 Nov 2018

Community News

fremont tribuneStory by Colin Larson, Fremont Tribune

With October serving as Manufacturing Month across the country, the Greater Fremont Development Council wanted to give local kids an interactive look at a few of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) career pathways available to them when prepare to enter the work force.

To do that, GFDC secured a visit from the Dream It Do It Metro Area Mobile Expo STEM Trailer which gives students a firsthand look at robotics, 3-D printing, welding simulator and virtual reality experience.

The 30-foot gooseneck trailer contains a Fanuc robot with training pendent, a virtual reality training welder, 3-D printer, virtual reality simular and curriculum that is sent prior for educators to use in preparation for the trailer’s visit.


stem in action

stem group

“Last week we went over robotics with the kids and are going to do a followup overview of virtual reality with them as well,” Jesse Vitamvas, youth coordinator at Hope Center, said. “It’s a really cool opportunity for the kids and just something different for them to experience.”

The Metro Area Mobile Expo is the outcome of Governer Pete Ricketts’ Developing Youth Talent Initiative grant, which was awarded to the consortium of industry, educational and community stakeholders— known as Dream It Do It.

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