Infinite 8 Institute for Drone Research and Technology Announces New Location in Fremont, NE

10 Nov 2018

Infinite 8 InstituteInfinite 8 Institute has locations in Washington, D.C., Kansas City, & Omaha, and have just announced plans to locate in Fremont, NE (Pop. 26,500), their first rural community.  “We have long wanted to find the right agricultural community to begin a focus on the drone, AI, and use of rover technology that is fast developing in the ag industry,” says owner, Ean Mikale.  Founded in 2013, Infinite 8 Institute, LLC, is a low-profit limited liability company and social enterprise, specializing in the design and financing of social impact systems.  Ean is also the founder of The Drone School, a serial dronetrepreneur, a participant of the NVIDIA Inception Program for AI Startups, IBM Global Entrepreneur and a member of the National Small Business Association Leadership and Technology Councils.

“Our goal is to create highly trained and skilled students who are ready to go into the Fremont workforce within the first 5 years of opening.  We teach students the technology and software development that operates drones, rovers, and AI and offer 4 quality pre-apprenticeship tracks; Commercial Drone Pilot; Commercial Drone Software Developer; Artificial Intelligence; and Autonomous Vehicles. So whether you prefer a hands-on, outdoors type of career experience or enjoy the thought of developing new and exciting software, we will have something to offer you,” states Mikale.  I8I will also offer professional memberships to the pre-apprentices, employers, and licensed drone pilots.  Services include entrepreneurial start-up assistance, career coaching, mentoring and IT prototype development.

City Administrator, Brian Newton said, “Fremont’s downtown is a direct connection to our history. It is also an indicator of our economic health. The decision by Infinite 8 Institute (I8I) to locate downtown is a testament to Fremont’s history as well as our strong economic health. I8I will add an educational element to the mix of retail and service we have downtown now.”

The Infinite 8 Institute received a $200,000 loan from the Economic Development Loan Fund, aka LB840, as seed money to begin their operations in Fremont.  Plans are to open their doors yet this fall once they have hired someone to manage the Fremont program.  Within the next couple years they plan to hire 8 full time employees.

“We are so excited to discover the many avenues Infinite 8 Institute will be able to collaborate with local industry and with our PreK-12th grades, which is something they have been successfully doing at other locations, says Garry Clark, executive director of Greater Fremont Development Council.  When we first approached Ean about landing in Fremont we had no idea he was actually on the hunt for the perfect agricultural-based community.  He’s definitely found that in Fremont.  Even better, Ean’s students come out of classes with knowledge and critical thinking skills that can be transferred to many of our local industries.”