Why Grow in Fremont?

21 Jun 2019

Fremont’s residents love our close proximity to Omaha and the ability to catch a Storm Chasers game, attend a play or dine at unique restaurants only 45-minutes away. Omaha has a lot to offer for anyone heading out for date night or looking for family fun on the weekend. We love to visit the city, but we don’t want to live there. We have chosen to live and grow in Fremont because here, we are part of a closely-knit community where neighbors say hello, kids feel safe and everyone is welcome.

Why Grow in Fremont?

Fremont has everything a family needs to live a full and rich life – great job opportunities, good schools for kids, medical care, restaurants, entertainment, parks and affordable housing. Plus, since we are a smaller community, everyone has the opportunity to become involved, make a difference and grow their career in an exciting, and often accelerated, way.

In addition, Fremont is incredibly safe and that safety is one reason families are choosing to leave the city and move here. This is a community where kids still ride their bikes to school, play freely in the parks and walked to and from their friend’s house without parents worried about their safety. Because our community is so family oriented, it is common for people to watch out for each other's children, everyone to attend school and community events and for people to generally care about what is happening with their neighbors.

In Fremont, we benefit from the following:

#1 Ability to get anywhere in five minutes

For families, the ability to get off work and reach a child's school, soccer game or PTA meeting within five minutes is incredibly convenient. This lack of traffic allows for everyone to be highly involved in children and community events, spend more time with friends and family and never deal with the stress of rush hour.

#2 Excellent education options

Fremont offers many choices when it comes to education. The public schools provide comprehensive and forward-thinking education, while private schools offer curriculum tailored to the school's mission. Being able to choose between the two makes it possible for parents to decide the best educational choice for their children, all within five minutes of home. Plus, upon graduation, students can continue living at home while attending Fremont’s Midland University or Metropolitan Community College.

#3 Supportive community

Many families have spent generations in Fremont. Newcomers are welcomed with open arms and accepted into this inclusive and supportive community. Upon moving to Fremont, families often comment on how friendly and welcoming everyone was and how they quickly felt at home. This is just part of who we are as a people, and as a community – welcoming, inclusive, open to diversity and always looking to make new friends.

Come Grow With Us

We invite you to visit Fremont and to discover why we love living here. Fremont has everything a family needs – great schools, affordable housing options, community parks, restaurants, shopping, great medical care and a supportive environment. Moving to Fremont could be the best thing your family ever does.

To learn more, call the Greater Fremont Development Council at 402.753.8126.