Fremont’s Transportation Assets Are Good for Business

31 Jul 2019

Fremont’s convenient location near Omaha makes it attractive for businesses looking for a central midwestern location that is near a major city, but without the congestion. 

Fremont, Nebraska is located off Highway 275, a 4-lane highway that connects local businesses to West Omaha in just 15 minutes. While the metro is close, Fremont itself does not have the big city traffic Omaha can be known for. This makes it a more convenient home base for companies transporting raw materials or finished products throughout the country. 

Fremont Offers Convenient Access to Major Trucking Routes

When it comes to location, Fremont offers convenience and cost-savings benefits that comes from easy access to major trucking routes. This Trucking Map provides a visual representation of just how centrally located Fremont is. Within one day, companies can be in the Twin Cities, at the Canadian border, or as far south as Dallas/Fort Worth.  Within two driving days, trucks can reach Sacramento to the west and New York or Tampa to the east. Companies with a national footprint can take advantage of these fast transportation times to get products to market quicker and save money in the process. 

Businesses Have Immediate Access to Rail Transportation

Companies who would prefer to transport products via rail, or a combination of the two, have immediate access to major rail transportation routes, as demonstrated in this map. In fact, Nebraska can trace much of its growth to the railroad, something that is still important for Fremont and nearby cities.  

Multiple Airports Provide Convenient Travel Options

Air travel is also convenient from Fremont. Small aircraft can fly into the Fremont Municipal Airport – ideal for pleasure travelers and business executives with their own private aircraft. For those looking to fly commercial, the Omaha airport is located only 45-minutes away and Lincoln’s airport can be reached in 50-minutes.

Local Manufacturing Companies Are Benefiting from Fremont’s Infrastructure

Fremont’s robust infrastructure and convenient transportation access is benefiting local companies like EleMetal Fabrication and Machine, whose products are shipped to companies throughout the region. Started in 1964, the company has grown in Fremont and is known as a premier metal fabrication company. They have continued to expand and now occupy 15,000 square feet. 

Jayhawk Boxes, a division of Lawrence Paper Company, is another company benefiting from Fremont’s prime location. They are a leading corrugated cardboard packaging supplier. As a full-service corrugated supplier, they create brown box to retail-ready packaging and also have a fulfillment center in Fremont. As a company serving national retailers, shipping boxes quickly and efficiently is important for their bottom line. A location in Fremont provides them with the ability to do so. 

Agricultural Companies and Food Products Companies Are Choosing Fremont

Food manufacturing and agricultural companies are also benefiting from Fremont’s location and infrastructure. For them, Fremont provides a double benefit. A location in Nebraska means that food products companies are close to their primary suppliers of raw ingredients. Once those ingredients have been transformed into finished products, they can be easily transported to distribution companies and grocery stores. Wholestone Farms and Royal Canin are just two such businesses located in Fremont. Now, Lincoln Premium Poultry (LPP) is joining them. Costco chose Fremont for the location of it’s chicken processing plant managed by LPP. Over 2 million chickens will be processed a week at the facility. Once done, the chickens will be sent to Costcos throughout the country, supplying 43 percent of the rotisserie chickens sold by the company. Of all the possible locations in the United States, Costco chose Fremont for its convenient access, workforce and agricultural ecosystem, making it a win-win for the company and the community. 

Join Manufacturing Companies in Discovering the Benefits of Fremont

Fremont, Nebraska has a location that is second to none and is an ideal spot to base a business, expand distribution or start a company. Executives and site selectors looking for more information are invited to contact the GFDC for more information.