Get to Know Your GFDC Board of Directors - Al Sawtelle

Get to Know Your GFDC Board of Directors - Al Sawtelle Main Photo

10 Jun 2022


Al Sawtelle, Past Chairman

Chair, Board of Public Works

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Why do you believe in the Greater Fremont Development Council?

I believe in GFDC because it is a group of local business people interested and invested in providing resources so the community is better equipped to provide economic development, tax revenues, available jobs and opportunities for the community. GFDC begins with a vision translated effectively into a plan through evaluation of the area assets and identify realistic outcomes.

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors of the Greater Fremont Development Council?

I wanted to serve on GFDC to work with people who want to make our community better. By working together as a board it provides economic growth that creates more or better jobs and affordable housing in the Fremont area. Working with the Council to develop growth allows local residents to attain greater earnings while preserving their valuable ties to their home community.

Why do you live and work in the Greater Fremont area?

Fremont is a place that you can build lifelong friends that will always have your back. It is a strong community that provides an environment of safety and security. I love the way my family can feel secure in our own neighborhood. The community makes you feel welcome, shares common values, and has strong educational institutions. I love working in the area because employers are involved in the community and what to see the area workforce prosper and grow financially.