Celebrating Growth and Momentum: Highlights from the 2023 Annual Investors Meeting in Fremont, Nebraska

Celebrating Growth and Momentum: Highlights from the 2023 Annual Investors Meeting in Fremont, Nebraska Main Photo

1 Apr 2024

Reflecting on 50 Years of Development and Looking Towards a Thriving Future

The Greater Fremont Development Council (GFDC) recently hosted its 2023 Annual Investors Meeting, marking another milestone in the Fremont area's growth and development journey. Against a bustling community and promising prospects, the meeting served as a platform to celebrate achievements, discuss opportunities, and chart the course for the future. As the GFDC gears up to commemorate its 50th Anniversary in 2024, the event holds special significance, reflecting on the organization's rich history and its transformative impact on the region.

Chairman's Note:

In her opening remarks, Board Chairman Jessica Kolterman reflected on the vibrant landscape of Fremont. She lauded the collaborative efforts of business partners, local authorities, and volunteers, underscoring their dedication to fostering growth and prosperity. With initiatives like the Inland Port Authority and infrastructure enhancements, the city stands poised to attract high-tech manufacturing facilities, bolstering economic resilience and creating new avenues for skilled labor. The Chairman expressed optimism for the future, envisioning continued growth and prosperity in the coming years.

50th Anniversary Celebrations

As the GFDC prepares to celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2024, it reminisces its humble beginnings in 1974 as the Fremont Chamber Industrial Foundation. Founded by a group of 15 local visionaries led by Marvin Welstead and John R. Young, the organization embarked on a mission to spur growth and development in the Fremont area. Over the decades, it evolved into the Greater Fremont Development Council, steadfast in its commitment to driving progress and prosperity. The upcoming Anniversary serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of the GFDC and its pivotal role in shaping the region's trajectory. During the meeting, GFDC Board member David Mitchell shared some history and monumental moments with the group.

Agenda of the Annual Meeting:

The annual meeting, held on February 21, 2024, commenced with the Board Chairman's warm welcome and introductions, setting the stage for a day of reflection and dialogue. A moment of invocation by Reverend Scott Jensen was followed by a networking lunch, fostering camaraderie among attendees. The Board Chairman then delved into the agenda, addressing crucial action items and strategic priorities. Guest speaker Heath Mello, President & CEO of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, shared insights on economic development and community partnerships, drawing from his extensive experience in public policy and nonprofit leadership.  He discussed how GFDC has completed a decade-long partnership with the Omaha Chamber of Commerce/Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership. He expressed his enthusiasm for building on this successful collaboration for another ten years. A highlight of the event was a speech by Dave Mitchell, offering reflections on GFDC's remarkable journey over five decades. The meeting concluded with closing remarks by Brett Richmond, Incoming Board Chair, signaling a renewed commitment to the GFDC's mission.

Investors and Partnerships:

The meeting brought together various stakeholders, including business owners, entrepreneurs, educators, and public partners such as the City of Fremont, Fremont Department of Utilities, and Dodge County,  Nebraska Department of Economic Development, along with elected officials from the city, state, and county. Their collective presence underscored the spirit of collaboration and shared vision for the region's prosperity. As pillars of support, these investors play a pivotal role in fueling innovation, driving economic growth, and enhancing the quality of life in Fremont.

Business Attraction: Fueling Economic Growth and Opportunity

In its relentless pursuit of economic vitality, GFDC has achieved remarkable success in business attraction, catalyzing growth and opportunity in the region. With a strategic focus on cultivating meaningful connections and fostering a conducive business environment, GFDC has facilitated the landing of six significant projects, signaling a vote of confidence in Fremont's potential. Furthermore, the council's proactive approach is evident in organizing seven site visits, providing prospective investors firsthand insights into the city's strengths and advantages. These efforts have translated into tangible outcomes, with over $33 million of capital investment injected into the local economy, fueling expansion and innovation. By engaging with 30 new prospects, GFDC has demonstrated its commitment to nurturing a robust pipeline of opportunities, laying the groundwork for sustained growth and prosperity. Most importantly, these endeavors have translated into tangible benefits for the community, with 104 new jobs created, underscoring GFDC's pivotal role in shaping a thriving economic landscape.

The 2023 Annual Investors Meeting was a poignant reminder of Fremont's resilience, innovation, and collaborative spirit. As the GFDC embarks on its 50th-year journey, it stands poised to build upon past achievements and embrace new opportunities, ensuring a vibrant and prosperous future for future generations.