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16 Oct 2015

Education News

October 15, 2015 • 

Cody McKeone is a hands-on kind of student. He’s not one who enjoys sitting around in the classroom listening to a lecture.

This is why the Fremont High School senior made the decision to take a construction course offered at the school. The course, held only the first quarter, offered seven seniors the opportunity to acquire real-world skills while helping improve facilities at the high school.

“I really just like using my hands, it makes the day go by fast,” McKeone said in the FHS construction shop Wednesday afternoon. “I just got to go outside and work with other people who knew what they were doing; we just needed a little help along the way.”

Under the supervision of Scott Anderson, a middle school and high school industrial technology instructor, students completed three major construction projects.

Two of the projects consisted of forming a new ticket booth at the entrance of Appleget Field, and refurbishing the old booth which is now being used as a storage shed.

With Anderson keeping a watchful eye, students finished siding on the new booth, built trusses, put on new sheeting, performed soffit work, shingled the roof and installed two doors.

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