Analytics from the soil to the plate, a maximizing science story

20 Jun 2016


Out the window, in the garden, where the big red tomato hangs, one can find a story leading all the way back, along the vivid green vine, to the primordial hodgepodge of micro-ecosystems swarming in the generative depths of a dark rich soil.

It’s a story that takes a bit of knowledge and technology to decipher, but a story, when applied on vaster scales – like a 500-acre field of Nebraska corn – leads to a wellspring of advantages for a farmer,the environment, and the economic vitality of an agricultural community.

One man capable of interpreting that story, Matt Rasmussen, co-owner, of Soil Analytics LLC, represents a growing effort to connect the dots all the way from the soil under foot to the buttered sweet corn and grilled chicken on those summer picnic tables.

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