Animal Food Manufacturing is Thriving in the Greater Fremont Area

17 Apr 2017


Fremont, Nebraska is centrally located and an ideal location for animal food manufacturing facilities. The Greater Fremont Development Council is building upon the success of local companies to promote the expansion of animal food manufacturing in Nebraska and to recruit businesses who could complement existing manufacturing facilities.

GFDC attended the Petfood Forum in Kansas City from April 3-5, 2017. This is where the global pet food industries go to learn more about the latest in food manufacturing, processing, and distribution. Global enterprises and national companies will be represented, creating vast opportunities to promote Fremont, Nebraska and our convenient location for animal food manufacturing.

Animal Food Manufacturing Success Stories

Royal Canin®

Creating science-based nutrition for dogs and cats, Royal Canin® was founded in France by a veterinarian and is a subsidiary of Mars, the largest pet food producer in the world. Their focus is on creating food that is based in science and fulfilling the nutrition and hunger needs of pets, rather than catering to owners. Their strategy has worked and the company has grown significantly, including the acquisition of an existing pet food company in Fremont, Nebraska.


ADM supports food businesses as a partner who handles ingredient needs from “soup to nuts”. Founded in 1902, they have 32,000 employees, 500 crop procurement locations, 250 ingredient plants, and 38 innovation centers. We are proud to have ADM locations in the greater Fremont area.

Purina Animal Nutrition

Purina feeds animals the healthful and nutritious foods they need to thrive. They are focused on research and combining high-technology with whole foods to produce tangible results in the health and appearance of animals.


Fremont, Nebraska will be home to Hansen-Mueller’s new bagging facility for pet food products and animal feed. They purchased a large, 60,000-square-foot facility in Fremont and will be investing several million dollars in their operation. New jobs are being created and we are pleased to support their expansion here.

Why Fremont?

One of Fremont's target industries is animal food manufacturing.  These are just a few of the animal manufacturing businesses that are choosing to make Nebraska and the Fremont area their home. With abundant natural resources, a strong agricultural environment, and major highway access, Fremont is centrally located and convenient. Close to Omaha with a small-town feel, Fremont has a low-cost of living and a high quality of life. 

Support from the Greater Fremont Economic Development Council

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