Media Release: Gov. Ricketts, Economic Development Announce Rural Workforce Housing Fund Recipients

1 May 2018

LINCOLN – Today, Governor Pete Ricketts and the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) announced the first grants from a new rural workforce housing program that was recently established.  Following a recently-concluded grant application period, the Nebraska Rural Workforce Housing Investment Act (LB518) is poised to support rural communities in their efforts to attract and retain a skilled, robust labor force.  

 “The Rural Workforce Housing Investment Act will lead to better housing opportunities in rural communities,” said Governor Ricketts.  “By serving the needs of working families and attracting residents and businesses, the Rural Workforce Housing Investment Fund will generate new workforce momentum and expand opportunities for hardworking families in communities throughout our state.”

 LB518 channeled approximately $7 million from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund into a new fund, the Rural Workforce Housing Investment Fund (RWHF).  The RWHF, in turn, will fund regional rural workforce housing investment funds.  These will be used to finance affordable housing development projects in communities within counties of less than 100,000 residents.  LB518 will bolster rural communities’ workforce recruitment efforts by helping them expand and improve their affordable housing stock.  

 Following a competitive application process that ended in March, DED announced 14 organizations selected to receive RWHF grant awards.  

RWHF Applicants

 As the appointed administrator of the RWHF program, DED’s duties included choosing the most qualified funding recipients from nearly two dozen applicants.  Eligibility for the program was limited to non-profit development organizations, each of whom submitted an application that was scored on the basis of factors such as ongoing local workforce housing needs and the demonstrated ability to manage housing and investment projects.  All 14 awardees also showed they were capable of contributing the dollar-for-dollar match required of award recipients. 

 RWHF ApplicantsProjects allowed under RWHF included the construction of new owner-occupied housing at no more than $275,000 per unit, or rental units costing no more than $200,000.  Home rehabilitation projects were also eligible, with certain restrictions, as were upper-story housing development projects. 

 No applicant was eligible under the RWHF to receive more than $1,000,000 over a two-year period.  The top amount actually awarded by DED was $850,000.  All RWHF program funds have been allotted as of April 30. 

 DED Director Dave Rippe expressed his appreciation for a program that he says will make significant impacts in rural Nebraska.  

 “We are very grateful for the work of Governor Ricketts and our state legislators who brought the RWHF program to fruition,” said Director Rippe.  “Affordable, adequate housing is a frequent discussion point when referring to the workforce challenges and opportunities faced by our rural communities.  This program addresses that need directly, and in a big way, in locations throughout the state.” 

 More information on the RWHF program can be found at  Information can also be obtained by contacting DED’s Director of Housing and Field Operations, Sheryl Hiatt, at or (402) 340-6180. 

 RWHF program recipients and their funding allotments are listed below. 

  • Central Nebraska Economic Development, Inc.: $239,630
  • Economic Development Council of Buffalo County: $319,500
  • Greater Fremont Development Council: $850,000
  • Hastings Economic Development Corporation: $850,000
  • Holdrege Development Corporation: $319,500
  • Lincoln County Community Development Corporation: $159,750
  • MAPA Foundation: $351,450
  • NeighborWorks Northeast Nebraska: $850,000
  • North Platte Area Chamber and Development Corporation: $383,400
  • Schuyler Community Development, Inc.: $810,000
  • SEND, Inc.: $639,000
  • South Central Development District, Inc.: $274,700
  • Wayne Community Housing Development Corporation: $639,000
  • York County Development Corporation: $323,000

Introduced by Senator Matt Williams during the 2017 session and signed into law by Governor Ricketts on April 27, 2017, following a 49-0 vote, LB518 is intended to address rural workforce needs by tackling a key issue: workforce housing availability.