Get to Know Your GFDC Board of Directors - Diane A. Mallette

Get to Know Your GFDC Board of Directors - Diane A. Mallette Main Photo

17 Jun 2022


Diane A. Mallette, Chairman

Structural Component Systems, LLC

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Why do you believe in the Greater Fremont Development Council?
In order for any community to thrive, we must continue to focus on employment opportunities and housing growth for individuals to consider moving to the Greater Fremont area. The GFDC focuses not only on job growth through recruitment of new business, but also works with existing employers to aid with expansion and retention efforts.  For every new individual employed, that results in more money spent in the community on food, clothing, entertainment and more. I am so excited for our future, as Fremont is getting a lot of attention nationwide as a community of choice for new business relocation and expansion!
Why did you want to serve on the Board of Directors for GFDC?
The GFDC is the premier organization in Fremont for economic development, so being asked to serve on this board has been a tremendous honor. Economic development is not new to me, as I have been appointed by the Governor to serve as a current Nebraska Diplomat, connecting with state-wide leaders in the promotion and economic growth of the entire state. I am also active with the Fremont Area Chamber and State Chamber, and am fortunate to work for one of Fremont’s largest employers - a growing company that views economic development as a priority.  
Why do you love to live and work in the Greater Fremont area?
The Greater Fremont area is such a great place to raise a family. My children loved it so much that they have both moved back to the area to raise their families. Drawn by the excellent school systems, low crime rate, and ease of transportation to get to and from work, they love the small town feel with access to big-city entertainment in nearby Omaha and Lincoln. And of course, I love all of those things, plus being close to my grandchildren! Also, the Fremont business community supports each other, and works collectively to achieve common goals.