Fremont's Economic Growth Buoyed by LB840

Fremont's Economic Growth Buoyed by LB840 Main Photo

7 Mar 2013

Community News

Article By: Ron Tillery, Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce   |   Fremont Tribune

In the world of economic development it’s often said that a rising tide raises all boats. What helps my neighbor – or even my competitor – helps the marketplace, which is good for business.

But who builds the boat? The short answer is: we do, together, at the local level in Fremont. And we need the right tools to build a really good boat, to extend the metaphor. Because, to succeed in the near and long-term future, our community must capitalize on its inherent strengths and also ensure it is well equipped to compete for jobs and investment. Our competition is with peer communities in Nebraska and across the country, sometimes globally.

We have a lot to offer and a lot to be proud of so we can be effective. One of the most important tools available to Fremont over the past several years has been LB 840, a critical business development tool authorized by the state legislature. Citizens voted in May of 1999 to adopt the two-pronged initiative that included approval of a half-cent sales tax and an economic development plan. The plan was later updated separately in 2004...

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