FAMC takes different approach to competitive world of health care

14 Jun 2013


At a time when virtually every other hospital is spending millions of dollars to add rooms, Fremont Area Medical Center officials are taking a different approach.

FAMC officials believe fewer but larger and more functional rooms will better serve patients and staff.

The up to $42 million Building a Healthy Future project will actually reduce the 90-bed hospital to around 60 acute care rooms, along with adding a 20-bed behavioral health department.

“Everybody’s been building, and some people have overdone it in my view,” said Patrick Booth, FAMC’s chief executive officer and president.

More rooms -- expensive to build and maintain -- are not necessarily translating into more business for those hospitals, he said. In fact, the dynamics of healthcare show a different picture.

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Article by Fremont Tribune   |   Chris Zavadil