Jawhawk Boxes Tour in Recognition of MFG DAY

13 Dec 2016

Community News

MFG DAY is held once a year in October when manufacturers are encouraged to open their doors and showcase the potential of modern manufacturing all across our country.  GFDC and the Dream It. Do It. initiative believe that by fostering opportunities for  students to meet local industry they will gain a broader view of their community and the numerous career possibilities awaiting them.

On October 27, 2016, Jayhawk Boxes opened their doors to 12 Fremont High School students and their Industrial Tech teacher for a tour and lunch.  While enjoying some pizza they were able to ask top management questions about the various careers found at Jayhawk.  In turn, Jayhawk leaders highlighted the many good paying jobs found in the packaging industry and advanced manufacturing. 

Watch KFMT Video of the Jayhawk Boxes tour of 10.27.16

Nebraska Dream It. Do It. Initiative

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