Producers, director talk about movie filmed in Fremont

26 Apr 2017

In February, the Fremont Tribune interviewed Christine Conradt.

Conradt watches a monitor as the scene unfolds in front of her.

The camera pans across a living room filled with colorful, crumpled wrapping paper and a Christmas tree to a man and woman sitting on a couch.

Suddenly, a little boy runs across the room and hops on the couch, handing the man a gift. The man unwraps the present, a calendar, and the boy points out his birthday.

Soon, the scene ends, only to be repeated a couple more times. Conradt appears happy once they have two good takes, and the crew heads out for lunch — at 7 p.m.

Conradt, a former Fremont resident, is director and writer of “12 Days of Giving,” which was filmed in different locations in Fremont. The family-oriented Christmas movie is about a man who becomes a town’s Secret Santa and befriends a boy whose father had died.

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