Business Profile: TEK Services

10 Jul 2017

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TEK Services is a Fremont-based company who manufactures wire termination, wire harness assembly and custom wire processing with additional expertise in fulfillment services, foam stamping, and general mechanical assembly. They have been in business for over 30 years and take pride in working with Fortune 1000 companies throughout the country. We had the privilege of interviewing owner William Loughman to learn more about their success and the value of TEK Services being located in Fremont.

What are the benefits of being located in Fremont, Nebraska?

Our location has proven key to the success of many of our clients who were looking for an ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer that has centralized distribution in the US.

TEK Services offers a wide variety of services from manufacturing to warehousing. What led to the creation of these divisions?

Necessity really. In the beginning, we were focused on one area of manufacturing.  As time went on, our customers would ask if we could help them with some of their “pain points”, projects that weren’t in their core competencies. This led us to custom manufacturing, fulfillment services, warehousing, and international distribution.  This experience allowed us to expand and help even larger clients. What started out as a small plant of 10,000 square feet has expanded to 85,000 square feet and two manufacturing locations.

How has being located in Fremont helped your business? 

The local community has all the resources necessary to help support our business.  Everything from financial support, building maintenance, manufacturing equipment, broad distribution options, and attractive warehouse availability is all here.  When comparing costs to locate a business, Fremont offers noticeable savings over the surrounding metropolitan communities of Omaha and Lincoln. Available infrastructure is another component in our decision-making.  Our rail access, proximity to Interstate 80, and connecting 4-lane highway makes Fremont a very attractive location.  

How has the Greater Fremont Development Council helped your company? 

The GFDC has been there for us every step of the way.  They made it a point to stop by and ask us how they could help.  We have taken advantage of their assistance in developing an internship program, introductions to other business leaders, and have utilized the GFDC site and building inventory to list fulfillment/warehouse space for lease (which has been very successful.  They have also provided  assistance in helping our company bid on government contracts. Their expertise and ability to connect us to resources has made GFDC one of our most valued relationships in the community.

Do you feel there are advantages to being in the Midwest and why should other companies consider doing so?

 A few key reasons come to mind:

  1. The cost of doing business in the Midwest is attractive compared to the coastal regions, offering lower costs in industrial space and energy.
  2.  With the cost of living advantage, you see young talent moving into the regions seeking professional careers.
  3. Central distribution is attractive in reducing shipping costs and offering rapid delivery times.
  4. The work ethic in the Midwest is incredible, producing loyal long-term employees.

Where do you see TEK Services in the future?

I see TEK doubling in size the next four years by continuing to build our client base and delivering exceptional value.  Focus will be on broadening our product mix, expanding our fulfillment offerings, and increasing distribution of our newly acquired Mad Gringo line of apparel.

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